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The videos below are interviews with beneficiaries of various housing policies across Cape Town. Each story explores a struggle for housing and touches on some of the challenges faced through the process. 


Zama mgwatyu

adnaan hendricks





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additional video sources

A short video which tells the story of Ruo Emoh, and how the community mobilised to advocate for decent housing. 

People's Environmental Planning (PEP)

A short video by Azania Rizing Productions

for the Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)

This video explores the lives of those living in the 'temporary relocation area' known as Blikkiesdorp. It gives us a glimpse into the issues the residents of Blikkies face daily. 

A film by Kurt Orderson

"As cities around the world catapult themselves into ‘world-class city status’, we have to ask ourselves, “at what cost”?  Not in My Neigbourhood tells the intergenerational stories of spatial violence in three self-professed world-class cities: Cape Town, New York and São Paulo. 


This film aims to build solidarity among active urban citizens by illuminating the tools and approaches used by urban activists to shape and navigate their cities that have been affected by colonization, architectural apartheid and gentrification.


Not in My Neigbourhood explores the effects of various forms of spatial violence on the spirit and social-psyche of city dwellers. We follow the daily struggles, trials and triumphant moments of active citizens, fighting for the right to their cities."

This short video explains the use of the Land Value Capture mechanism in Sao Paulo, Brazil and how it could be useful in the context of South Africa.

DAG has been researching the potential of Land Based Financing tools in the South African context for many years. Together with the Lincoln Institute of Policy, DAG  has recently facilitated four dialogues with a wide range of stakeholders including; academics, government officials, and social housing institutions, to contribute to the design of a land-based financing policy.

 Development Action Group 

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